Working together – Your guide to select the right photographer

Do your research on photographers before contacting

Always do your research and get an understanding of the going market rates for the services that you need. Visit different photographers websites. See their work. Look for images that have the style/quality that you are looking to get. You hire a photographer to be able to create your end-vision, not just take a photograph.

We always believe in getting it right the first time. A re-shoot will always be costly. We bring not only the technical skills to create an image. We also have the creative vision of how the end-visual will be. Our graphic design background and art direction skills help to bring the best out of the shoot. 

If you are on a budget, consider stock photography websites if your needs are generic, such as travel destination imagery. (See our resource links further down). Or, look for an entry-level photographer who is willing to work at a lower rate.

We will never be the cheapest option in the market. (We compete on quality, never price). We consider ourselves to be affordable. We start our pricing at US$ 200 and upwards depending on the scope of the project.

We do evaluate every job individually and optimise what we can do within the budget constraints. That means spending time on research, mood boards and pre-production meetings/email correspondence. We also recommend other photographers whenever needed.

Why choose to work with us over others?

You believe that what we offer will bring extra value to your business. It is as simple as that and as complex. 

Example, we worked together with a creative agency, and the re-branding doubled the product sales of our end client within a year. Good photography with good design equals good ROI (Return On Investment).

How do you estimate value?

First, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want and what you are willing to pay. There is no point going to a 3-star Michelin restaurant when your budget is a combo meal at McDonald’s. Don’t waste everyone’s time. 

Professional photographers

If you have specific needs, as our clients do, then you will need to find a professional photographer. Every photographer has different skills and areas of expertise. Some will specialise in weddings, portraits, newborns, travel, reportage, corporate, commercial and so on. 

We are specialists in product photography, in particular, jewellery. We also do (business) portraits and hospitality. 

We have done advertising campaigns for Ponds Cosmetics, Toyota Vietnam, Mobifone, VIB Bank, Techcom Bank, FV Hospital, CAO Fine Jewellery, PNJ Jewellery, Long Pearl Beach Jewellery and many more.

We have done editorial work, including covers, for Forbes Vietnam and Esquire Vietnam. (We are selective with what we undertake of editorial requests as we prioritise our commercial side).

Transparent pricing

The price we tell you it will cost is the final cost based on our agreement. Any changes to the scope of work may change the final price. No price change will take place unless both parties agree to it.

What we would like to know (to get a brief overview)

  • What type of photography (Product, lifestyle, portrait and so on)
  • Location or studio (or both), travel distance involved
  • Any models needed
  • Any visual samples of what you would like to achieve
  • Post-production requirements and expected output format
  • Intended usage (especially concerning models)
  • Number of items/angles required (e-commerce/products)
  • Any special requirements
  • Any additional services (such as graphic design and of course outline of your needs as well for this part)
  • Estimated budget
  • Expected deadline of final images/artwork

Our network

We work with model agencies, make-up artists, stylists, have access to different sized studios, videographers and so on. Each project has a unique scope of work; we scale accordingly. Your budget sets the limitations.

What not to do

Do not contact us with requests to provide free work for “exposure” or that it will be a good fit for our portfolio. We only accept paid commissions. We accept cash or bank transfer only, no 30/60/90 days credit given (Sorry agencies, it takes too much time to chase payment). Exception: read our blog post on charities.

Resource for understanding the market

Here is the link to Getty Images price calculator for rights-managed images, a useful starting point to understand pricing for commercial imagery. Pricing calculator

Links to stock photography websites

For those with a limited budget, stock photography websites (affiliate links) are the go-to place.

Link to stock photography websites:

About Studio MadsMonsen

Mads Monsen has both graphic design and commercial photography background. He has art directed magazines, designed marketing materials as well as producing high-end imagery for his clients.

Check out his LinkedIn profile for more details.