Product Photography & Graphic Design services for TLK – Vietnam

Product Photography & Graphic Design Services

We got the story out for TLK. By providing both product photography and catalogue design, TLK raised its brand awareness in the market. By choosing a one-stop supplier TLK was able to keep their cost down and achieve more.


  • Commercial photography
  • Graphic design

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” – Joel Spolsky

Studio MadsMonsen has a unique advantage as we provide both commercial photography and graphic design services to our clients.

Our expertise in photography goes back to the roots of analogue photography and we moved into digital at the early beginning.

With product photography, and particularly for the retail sector, having correct colour and consistency are important. The photograph should have colours similar to the real product, no obvious colour deviations.

At Studio MadsMonsen, we use calibrated computer screens, colour reference cards during the photoshoot and consistent light setup.

Product Photography & Catalogue Design (Selected samples)