Photography for Buzz eScooters – The NEW electric bike, Made in Vietnam

Photography & Video Services

Studio MadsMonsen has provided commercial photography services for Buzz eScooters, the new, electric motorbike/scooter made here in Vietnam. Not only photography but also done behind the scenes (BTS) videos as well. The Buzz website is proudly built and hosted by Studio MadsMonsen.

Buzz eScooters

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Electric Passion

Passion and persistence, those are the two words that describe Pat Joynt very well. We had the pleasure of photographing his first venture into electric bikes as early as 2012, with the Ebretta and V-Tronic models.

We have also undertaken product photography of bike accessories, for small nuts and bolts to larger side frames. (Over 5000 items have gone through the studio over the years for Saigon Scooter Centre.

Now, we are photographing the latest creation, the Buzz eScooter.

Interview with Patrick Joynt – CEO of Buzz eScooters

How did you get introduced to the world of motorbikes?
With humble beginnings back in the early 1980s in the Uk. I picked up my first classic Vespa in 1983 and got involved in the UK Scootering scene attending club events and national rallies etc. Keeping active in the scene for many years I decided later to spend a couple of years globetrotting and strayed into Vietnam in 1997 and it was a kid in a candy shop scenario.

What made you explore the electric market?
The future’s electric. I was originally an unlikely but enthusiastic advocate for electric technology. Living in a big city I know something has to be done about pollution levels but looking at the electric scooters on offer I couldn’t see anything to tempt me away from the classics I love so much. The solution was to build my own.

Around 10 years ago we produced a limited number of Ebretta’s and VTronics using Lambretta and Vespa frames but their layout was compromised from the start. All the electric vehicles are limited by battery size and finding enough space to give both usable range and power meant butchering the frames. As classic scooters began to rise in price it was clear that this wasn’t a sustainable solution and the Buzz concept was born.

The Buzz eScooter has evolved over a short period of time, what are the highlights?
It’s actually been a 10-year evolution from the original VTronic and EBretta classic conversion prototypes. The learning curve has been a challenge as the advances in technology have been demanding to keep up with. To see the concept scooter go to a pre-production model has been an amazing journey. Also, the support and enthusiasm we have had globally have been a real motivating factor.

Where do you see Buzz heading in the near future?
The first production run is now postponed due to the unavoidable delays this year with COVID until 2021 with our special ‘Genesis’ model limited edition. We are now aiming to launch initially in Europe and the UK for early summer next year. We are also negotiating with potential international distributors in Australia, Japan and North America.

The next few years will see the major manufacturers vying for a share of the electric vehicle market. Buzz may be an underdog competing with the big players but its design has an authenticity no corporate design house can hope to replicate. The Genesis launch model will be the birth of something special, a group of enthusiast’s vision that’s capable of taking on the industry giants and that’s something to get excited about.

What are your thoughts of working with Studio MadsMonsen?
After working together for the past 15 years we have a very good working relationship. Very few people in this business have an eye for detail that Mads has. Nothing is too much trouble, deadlines even under pressure are always met and he always has time to discuss new projects and give informative feedback. From a creative perspective, Mads has never disappointed and continually comes through with innovative concepts and new ideas for us to move the brand forward.

The Buzz eScooter – Commercial Photography (Selected samples)

Design Services

Studio MadsMonsen provides all the necessary services to make your product stand out in the market place.

We bring years of professional experience, both from a photography background as well as years of graphic design and art direction.

We understand both digital and print. It is an exciting journey to see the birth of a brand and help guide them through visually with their corporate identity.

Buzz eScooters have come a long way in a very short time.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.