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Magazine design & art direction for MADS Magazine. Self-published by Studio MadsMonsen. We are helping to highlight Vietnamese artists as well as artists with projects relating to Vietnam. Available online and in print. Please visit our magazine website for more details.

MADS Magazine

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“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper

Mads Monsen started his career in the publishing industry by working for SunFlower Media, one of the largest publishing houses in Vietnam. Before working in Vietnam, Mads Monsen worked with corporate identity and packaging design projects for Bagshawe Leahy in London, UK. See below the various magazine titles that Mads Monsen has art directed and designed.

MADS Magazine

With our background in magazine design and art direction, setting up our magazine was a logical step to take. As our name implies, Magazine d’Art De Saigon (MADS), is all about art in Vietnam. We are allowing newcomers to have an outlet to showcase their work.

The rules are simple, the artist must either be Vietnamese or have a project related to Vietnam. The magazine is only published once we have 8 selected candidates.

The online version is free to read (always) and the magazine is available by print on demand. (Limited to 500 units per issue.)

Word Magazine

In 2012, Mads Monsen started as the art director at Word Magazine, later promoted to the Creative Director position. Overseeing a complete re-design of the magazine.

Charming Vietnam Magazine

In 2011 Mads Monsen in collaboration with Sindre Østerås, redesigned the magazine in less than 30 days, working on a live issue. The re-designed issue was published on time.

SFM – SunFlower Media

Mads Monsen started his magazine career at SunFlower Media in 2002 and was the art director of Phong Cach magazine (Lifestyle) as well as the art director of Vao Bep magazine (Food).

In 2006, Mads Monsen was appointed art director of the newly launched food magazine, Vao Bep. At that time, Mads Monsen was overseeing the art direction of two monthly magazines at SunFlower Media.